1. B

    Have no idea, need help - no buds

    Hello together, it is 18/6 light with watermelon skittlez from barney‘s farm. (feminisiert) i use her as motherplant. and have 2 time‘s cut clones‘s it is a nice phenotyp.. she‘s arround 4-5 month old. but arround 1 - 1 1/2 month they get those stomps with hair but do not grow some bud‘s...
  2. WalterGamer8

    24/0 or 18/6 for my first grow ?

    Hey! I planted my 4 seeds and for my first grow. When my plants get a little bit bigger should I go 24/0? I heard 24/0 makes plants grow a lot faster a makes them bushier which is exactly what I’m looking for. How much faster do they grow under 24/0 compared to 18/6? I am also using a 600w hps...
  3. Momma’s Kitchen

    Peyote Cookie 2018 #1

    I have 10 Peyote Cookies, I am only going to journal on 3. This is journal for Peyote Cookie #1 I will be growing indoors, metal halide bulbs, 750W, Baseboard heat, fans, air conditioner, well water, Medi One, and later Big Bud I will PPM, PH the water. So the seeds were germinated indoors, in...
  4. SunnySunny

    My first grow and feeling unsure after 10th day

    Hey buds. Here having my first grow under 1500w led light , 18/6 cycle It was looking nice first< but then it definitely stopped growing. Could it be a problem or is it just rooting ? Could it be because I've move over they cycle. First they had 18/6 (6 hours from 8am) and then I've kept them...
  5. Why Doe

    The Long Lived Debate - Autoflower Light Schedule?

    I'm curious to what you guys use and why. 18/6 20/4 24/0 Also would be interesting to know if anyone knows at what point you start loosing money with yield vs electricity cost. Is that even a factor with leds? Will autoflowers go for longer if using less hours? Or would they finish at the...
  6. nobodyhere

    Starting an auto in the same tent with a plant finishing flower under 12/12

    I want to get an auto going while my existing plant is finishing up. I have one tent, and don't really have a place outside of it safe from eyes where I could start an auto at 18/6. So...would it be possible to run an auto for 2-3 weeks at 12/12 then switch to 18/6 for remainder of grow while...
  7. Twalte

    24/0 lighting and sexual maturity in veg

    Hello, Long time lurker but first time poster. I've read that 24/0 lighting will result in faster growth than 18/6 lighting. Will a plant under 24/0 lighting reach sexual maturity sooner than a plant under 18/6, or would both plants need the same amount of time for alternating branches to...
  8. I

    Light schedule advice needed

    i grew autos in the past but now changing to regs,my question is when plants are in seedling stage do i go 18/6 or do i go 24/0,if the answer is 24/0 when should i change to 18/6 ? also im using cfl lighting
  9. G

    Is my plant ready for flowering?

    Want to know if I should switch the time from 18/6 to 12/12 and can anyone tell if this is a female yet.
  10. I

    Completed Shaggys First Time Growing

    Currently 9 days old 5000k led 18/6
  11. S

    Help needed with lighting schedule for autos

    I currently have 3 early miss autos growing that are about 50 days old and are well into flowering, I started them along side my teens in my veg tent at 24hours for 2 weeks, and then 18/6 for 3 more weeks before I ran out of room in the tent and was forced to put them in my flowering tent at...
  12. J

    Auto-flower not flowering

    Sitting on day 36 and it has not started flowering yet. Its a nice bush with plenty of cola sites. I've been on an 18/6 schedule and was thinking of going 12/12 to force it into flowering. Good idea? If yes, and if its starts to flower, should I go back to the 18/6 or just leave it on 12/12...
  13. Gazolene

    Abandoned Gazolene's 6 Strawberry Blue

    Back after 6 months or so off. 450w LED Heavy soil mix 18/6 for now Day 1 Day 3
  14. D

    First Cfl grow any input or suggestions appreciated

    Hey watsup guys, im hoping someone out there can give me sone feedbak on whay ive got done so far Ok so it my first cfl grow from bag seed its looking healthy im using 2x30w 6500k 2x20w 5500k 1x19w 6500k and 1x8w t5 cool white Shes in veg now im looking to keep her ther for a bit i want a...
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