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    Love fabric can't get root bound
  2. B

    Finishing first clones

    I am a second year grower and I am still learning soooo much about this wonderful plant, I am in a 4x4 tent with a 600w hps 21k and 4-42w CFL's to assist, the ballast is set to 3/4 power, one plant too close to the light. I tried the 1gal pot's for some of my girls as well as 3gal pots to see...
  3. B

    Flowering in 1gal pots

    I have some 5wk old clones in 1gal pots,now I see roots coming out the bottom, I'm keeping them in their 1gal pots, do I need to root cut or just let them go, will the roots affect the flowering.
  4. EzExtractions

    Abandoned 1 Gal Hempy Blue Cheese Tent Grow

    Sup guys, i really didnt want to start a journal for security purposes, but i need to document my stuff and get some more opinions on what i am doing. As i am probably not going to update with any pictures, please bare with me if i have to explain something through the text. Heres some basics...
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