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  1. P

    PH up/down - How to use?

    Hey guys so i bought 250ml bottles of both up and down. They said it uses 1ml per 100L ill be watering much less than that of course. Im stumped as to how ill measure it etc.... I have bought syringes but they are 1ml increments Any suggestions and tips with using the PH products would be...
  2. Y

    Help please 5 week into veg

    The last few days I've been noticing these white/yellow markings on my leafs . 5weeks info veg , 22lt pot . Getting fed 1/2 a litre every other day with 2ml a+b 1ml multitotal and 1ml of takeroot all nutirenc is Dutch pro . I'm going to flip it next Saturday to 12/12 any advise will be great...
  3. RheinRover

    RheinRover - 1st Grow - Auto - Organic Soil - RQS Royal Jack - Easy Bud - 2015

    What strain is it? RQS Royal Jack and RQS Easy Bud both Autos Royal Jack Sativa:40% Indica: 30% Ruderalis: 30% Easy Bud Sativa: 15% Indica: 55% Ruderalis: 30% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg Indoor Soil If soil... what is in your mix? BioBizz Light mix If soil... What size pot? 15L Fabric...