1st dwc grow

  1. O

    Wilting leaves in DWC

    Hey guys I'm new to the 420magazine forum, and new to the cultivation process. I have started off with DWC for my first grow and have recently run into problems. I am into my third week of flowering and i have wilting leaves on the one plant (with no pistils), and on the other one i have...
  2. O

    Abandoned Heavy Duty Fruity DWC

    My first DWC grow. I'm open to suggestions and comments!
  3. jjames

    Abandoned Jjames 1st: DWC - 4 Sour Grape - 2 Blue Dream - 400W MH - Veg

    hey im a new mmj patient and am just getting my 1st grow off the ground heres the stats... im gonna try an keep this journal going, as ive seen an abundance of members here with lots of knowledge... 4 sour grape, 2 blue dream clones @ 2-3 inches each... 400w MH in tube style hood (...
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