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1st grow need help

  1. B

    Need help to know why my hemp leaves curled and burned?

    need help to know why my hemp leaves curled and burned?
  2. J

    Is it time to harvest? 1st time grower

    I'm at the beginning of week 7 of flower. Wondering if I'm close to harvest this is my first Grove. I'm going to post some pictures below. Thank you guys for all the advice let me know what you think
  3. J

    First timer please help diagnose

    Seeds started in pro mix organic potting soil Everything looked great for first couple weeks, then started seeing yellowing and dark spots ph seems to be in good range, after researching, it seems to be either magnesium or manganese deficiency?! Seems to start on lower leaves and work up please...
  4. W

    Not sure what to do, help please!

    How’s it going everybody! I’m fairly new to growing and have my own first grow tent up and running now, growing 5 Cotton Candy Kush. It’s a 4x4 with 1000w dimmable ballast, only running mh at 750 during veg currently. About 16 days in now since sprouting and have on 18/6 in fox farm ocean forest...
  5. R

    1st Grow, Six Different Plants: Types, Age, Phases

    Hello, I can't wait to learn more and create monster buds one day. I have to start out by saying I am on a disabled vet with 4 kids kinda budget. Buddy gave me 2 plants near death, read a little, washed roots, and transplanted into organic potting soil/perlite/ peat moss. Had them in bottom...
  6. Liam5677

    Deficiency or bugs, please help!

    So I’ve been having some random spots appear , although not many I want to catch the problem now before it grows into a bigger one. This is my first grow so I’m trying to keep it smooth. I have been reading a lot and can’t seem to figure it out, if anyone has experience please help me. Anything...
  7. Vik

    I'm a new grower and i need your help, if you want to help me :)

    A few month ago i started my own growing, but now i got some trouble in it.. I have no idea how to fight these disease, even didnt know what they are... So i ask help for fix it as faster as i can. Sorry for my bad english, isnt my motherlanguages :)
  8. K

    New to Growing

    Hello I am looking for some feedback please. I want to start growing but I'm not 100% sure what all I need and what products I should use or shouldn't use. I want to run a stealth grow considering I still live with my parents. I am going to be building a desk soon and its going to have a 4 feet...
  9. F

    Need Advice

    Hi everyone, im new to 420 and im looking for some advice, this is my first time grow, and my plants are looking good im really pleased with them, so much better than I had hoped for the first time growing, my question is...some of the buds on the top of my plants are just great, they look like...
  10. K

    Week 3 of NYC desiel.. Please help.. need to know if I am in good shape

    Hey everyone, I am a first time indoor grower. I am growing one plant, it is Barneys Farm NYC Diesel, Indica AutoFlower. I am using a Mars Hydro 150W LED reflector with a couple CFLs, the LED is exactly 2 feet from the top of the plant. I am using a 2x2x4 tent. She just hit the 3 week mark...
  11. B

    Please help can't find info

    Have had my big plant in new pot for a week and the top of the dirt at the edge of my pot got dug into and there were some damage to the roots!!! They look pretty new but can anyone tell me what might happen or absolutely anything they know about roots getting damaged! !!!!!
  12. T

    1st Grow - MH/HPS + LED - Advice Welcome!

    Hey all! This is my first post and my first grow so please forgive me if there are some newbie mistakes during this entire process. 1st Grow 5x4x7ft self made tent 1-600w Apollo MH/HPS air cooled 1-300w Marshydro LED 1- 4 inch inline exhaust fan (blowing air into the tent from outside...
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