1st grow

  1. S

    Struggling Bud

    Hey guys. I've got one that's just not looking too hot. Yesterday, I flushed her with 6 ph and raised the light. Is it calcium deficiency? Thanks!
  2. F

    Autos in Veg not looking so good: Can anybody help?

    Hello! So I’m new to growing and I keep getting yellow leaves on my plants. I’m growing Autoflowers in Fox farm potting soil with some organic composted living soil. I’ve also used a Roots Organics top dress (6-1-2). They’re in 2 gallon smart pots right now so I’m watering every 2 days or so...
  3. S

    1st Grow

    Hi! New and excited to be here! About to harvest my 1st grow and dont want to harvest too early. I think I am about 2 to 3 weeks out. I've had quite a bit of issues but I learned a lot and know what i need to improve on for next time. Due to the issues I dont think the buds are going to fill in...
  4. ItsSalty

    Six shooter auto nutrient help

    Shoot where do I even start... today was a chaotic day. Decided to pick up a new hobby and drove to some shops and went crazy on getting stuff and now I'm super overwhelmed and anxious. The guys at the store set me up with some stuff and I don't even know how to use it.. He even said...
  5. parrajara

    First Time Grower: Help Making Sure Everything Makes Sense! Detailed

    Hey folks, Please note post is unfinished, but I've been trying to finish it for a few days and haven't had the time to. So I plan on coming back to update it as time permits. I have provided all of the details that I think are relevant to the current stage that I am in, but if there are any...
  6. Coastal Dharma

    Help! Infected plant! Anyone know what this is?

    I had a plant given to me by a friend about 3 months ago and at first all was good! Fast forward to the plant two weeks ago and i found this spot on the stem(picture)... It then continued to grow so I separated it from my tent and sanitized my tent before germinating and putting my seedlings...
  7. Liam300

    Flowering Gelato#33 & Kobe OG

    Just put these gals into flower today. They’re in 1 gal fabric pots and have been vegging for 5 weeks. Sitting in oceanforest soil, feeding em with tap water ph’d to 6.5. Using foxfarm nutrients, this is a 1.5x1.5x4 tent. I have autos growing in my bigger tent. The bigger plant is Kobe, the...
  8. KVD4450

    My seedlings fan leaves are twisting please help

  9. Chrisx510

    Completed Chrisx510’s 1st Grow: Auto Indoor Soil MH/HPS

    This grow is not for me, I don’t really smoke (maybe 8 times in my life), it’s for my family members (step family members). But it’s mostly just because I love the way cannabis plants look, with all the amazing different colors in it. I’m just plain old intrigued with the plant. And yes, my...
  10. G

    GM’s Grow Journal Spring 2020: 1st Time Indoor Grow! White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum

    I’m in a 2x2x4 grow tent and have 3 plants (WW, AK-47, and Bubblegum). All seeds purchased online from 420. Using Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil and Perlite. Maxsisun 1200W LED (268W +/- 3%) 110V; 4” inline fan and 4” carbon filter, 6” clip-on fan and 24” oscillating tower fan. To germinate (Day 1-...
  11. I

    How are my setup and plants looking? Help!

    Could someone please help me figure out why these 2 1/2 week olds are not doing as well as I’d like? On a 18/6 light schedule 400w metal halide bulb 22inches away from top of plants, I water every 2 days (about a 1/4-1/3 a solo cup of water) ph around 6, the soil I’m using is the soil in the...
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  16. He Pa Kino

    1st grow, about 7 weeks into flower, just looking for feedback

    So Title says it all really...Photos attached are of week7...maybe 8ish of flower lmao?? unknown seed regular potting mix greendream flairform range of nutrients outdoor :) pretty basic b*tch grow tbh but 1st time for me and i could not be happier so far....just would love any feedback at...
  17. S

    DWC Setup, First Grow, Small & Stunted Seedlings?

    Hi everyone, Even though this is my first grow, I have done extensive research and I'm not dumb. I've done years of schooling in sciences so I'm confident in my water numbers, etc.... Anyways, my question is, do these seem to be growing really slow to anyone else? This is Day 13 for the bigger...
  18. X

    Mysteries In A Secret Garden

    This is my 1st grow! I am using bag seeds to practice and get familiar with things. I would love more information about the best seedbank to buy from and also what's a good starter strain for my setup. Something that doesn't get too tall. So far so good making it through germination using the...
  19. C

    1st time at home looking for advice and feedback

    What's up y'all? This is my first attempt at home. Been working at industrial grows for about the past year so I know a little bit but nearly enough. I currently have two beautiful girls going in my basement Grand Daddy Purple on the Left (Roberta) and Tangie on the right (Bianca) I've had both...
  20. C

    First time grower learning as I go looking for advice and thoughts

    This is my first go at this. I've worked in industrial grow settings for the last year so I know a little bit but have never done anything on a personal level...I have two girls going right now Grand Daddy Purple (Roberta...his real name is Robert but when the wife leaves him alone he likes her...
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