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1st grow

  1. Hugedallasfan

    Harvest Day

    This is my first grow auto flower that I harvested today . I went ahead and did a wet trim and she is now hanging in the dark grow closet pot,to dry. Look at those buds bro. Not bad for an auto flower.
  2. Schnitzelmann

    1st Grow, From The Other Side Of The Pond, Soil, Organic, 32”x32”, LED, 7x LSD

    My fellow growers, it's a great pleasure to be part of this awesome growing community! :yummy: The American Society is ahead of us in so many matters. I'm a bit late for the party, but I'm creating this journal for anyone who's interested. My native language is not English so please keep that in...
  3. Y

    4x4 Grow Room: Sonic Boom Regular Seeds

    Bucket Size - 3 gallon smart pots Medium - 75% canna coco 25% perlite Lights - 1 600w led light. Mars hydro 1600 Nutrients - mr. b green trees growth & bloom boosters Strain(s) - Sonic boom(6), wonder weed(2) # of Plants: 8 Yield : unknown
  4. Syko420

    My 1st grow

    Hi I'm syko amd this is my 1st grow i have ever done with help from raze58 of course I'm on week 8 of 9 weeks
  5. B

    First Time Grow In Need Of A Helping Hand

    Hi, I am just about to start my first grow and could do with a hand on best techniques and tips for my first grow. Thank you in advance. I will be growing in a tent in my flat, running 600w HPS dual spectrum lamp with a Wilma 11ltr dripper system for my media I will be using canna coco...
  6. E

    1st Grow: White Widow Auto, 2x2x4 Tent, 400w Mars2, 4" Intake With Carbon Filter

    Hi all starting first grow as soon as seeds arrive. White widow auto flower (crop king) should be first to arrive. Could also end up getting light of yah and ganga dwarf. (amsterdamn seed company) Depends on which bank is faster. I am using a 2x2x4 tent with a 400w mars 2 led light. the intake...
  7. S

    Plastic Vs Fabric Pots With Auto NYC Diesel

    Alright so full disclaimer before we get cracking here, I have no prior knowledge of growing cannabis I suck at it but i'm havin fun so why not right? I'm just over halfway through my first its been an experience goodness :P . So i started my first grow with two plants, I nuked the first of them...
  8. M

    Manuwannagrow 1st Time Grow - Homemade Lights

    Specs; Lights: Mars Hydro Reflector 48 and homemade 5 bulb bayonet fixture cureently 5 x 1500L 2700k CFL's (see photos) Soil: Biobizz light mix, stones in bottom Pot: 12 Litre PH: Not tested yet RH: 60ish Tent: 2x4x6 ft Outside temp: 15C/59F Ventilation: 100m3/hr 4inch extractor fan...
  9. I

    Mischief in Michigan - First time grower

    Hey hey fella fans of the herb. I live in Michigan and in April I will be starting my first grow. I have been lurking about reading as much as I can for a couple of months but it will be nice to belong to a like minded community :) I was planning on a 4x4 grow tent with a Mars hydro 1200 in...
  10. T

    Quick question about transplanting

    I want to move one of my plants out of its current space bucket into a new pot. Reason being I don't think it's receiving enough light from the sides anymore because it's to bushy for the bucket. Giving me ph issues etc. she was looking a bit unhealthy so I foliar fed twice over the past couple...
  11. C

    Stealth CFL grow 1st time - Any advice?

    i have turned my small cabinet in to a small grow op. i have 2 super hash auto pyramid seedlings one germinated on the 5 of feb the other on the 8th so far they are doing great they are under a 20x cfl and 9w both 2700k witch brings me to my first question, will i need bulbs with 6500k bulbs as...
  12. B

    3-leafed seedling

    Both seedlings have poor leaf growth , They were both stretched to begin with,,,Since then growth on the leaves has been very slow,,, I'm hoping that the babies are just attempting to find their feet as the pot they were placed in is rather big for a seedling,,,BUT they both have first oval...
  13. B

    Small bit of coffee granules

    I've fed them once with water from a tap, my stems seem quiete long but leaf grow seems slow , this will be 4th/5th day,, and still only has two ovalish shaped tiny leaves, and then the two tiny babies that pop from inside them,,,,, Is it ok with my next feed to give them a little piece of...
  14. G

    I need some help - MK 1st grow hydro

    So, I'm two days away from week 4 of this grow. The poor thing's only a couple of inches tall, and we just adjusted the pH a couple nights ago to make sure that isnt the issue. It may have been, seeing as it was almost a point too basic. But the rockwool was also keeping the roots from growing...
  15. P

    1st Grow - Afghan Skunk 250W CFL DWC

    Hey everyone, Been on here and other forums for a while gathering info. I did my first grow a while back. I'd like to post the journal for it now. Here are the specs Strain: Advanced Seeds Afghan Skunk Medium: 5g bubble bucket Room: 2x4 closet Light: 250w CFL I vegged this plant for...
  16. G

    First time growing autoflowers - Pictures

    Hello, this is my first time on this website but I'd like to know what's going on with my Cannabis plants!! I'm growing 3 plants; all aUtoflower. 1st auto- Malala bomb 2nd auto- narco purps 3rd auto- Grape Muerte Now I have named them from largest to smallest ( 1 being the largest )...
  17. B

    How are they lookin for day 32 since switched to 12/12?

    2 are in 4-5gallon pots and 2 of them are in one and a half gallon pots ...switched lights to 12/12 on 2-15 so today was day 32..not 32 days since they showed flowers.. How do they look for being under a 600w hps?
  18. B

    How does she look? 3 weeks flower - 600w HPS - Yield guess

    Started 12/12 on 2-15 Got 4 bagseeds under a 600w hps and 23w 6500k cfl for side light.. All were LST'd and topped and supercropped. She only stands about 10-14inches above dirt but very nice dense bud development..any Yield guestimates??
  19. MostlyCloudy

    1st Time - Bag Seed - Hydro AKA Hydro Valentine's Surprise

    Whats the word? As stated in the title this is a 1st time Bag Seed Hydro grow. This grow was started on Valentines day and one week later respectively so hopefully theses ladies don't stand me up. From seed to rockwool cubes 24-36hrs til 1st leafs. I know this just dont work with most of what I...
  20. H

    10 days into flowering - Let's hear what you have to say

    1st grow, topped , using very mild nuwts 1000w dimmed to 600w hps for flowering 360w mh/hps conversion for veg, veg time roughly 5-6 weeks, over watered once corrected right away, showing slight signs of nitrogen toxicity, but seems to be growing fine older leaves are dark everything...
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