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1st indoor grow

  1. J

    Need help with 1st time grow

    Hey ,im growing indoor 80*80*160 under 280W led light -basically one of the plants seems to be a male ,my question is what i should do as the other 2 plants are seemingly females ? 1.can someone confirm this is indeed a male 2.if so should i remove him from the growspace as the other 2 plants...
  2. greengostarr

    My Mystery Indica Reveg

    So, as a quick intro to this journal, I'll give you a little of my background and the background of this grow. I have only really grown outdoors before in a very hot and arid environment. My only real experience with indoor growing was about 30 years using fluorescent. However, due to the...
  3. NUTE

    My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

    4x4 tent 5 gallon buckets fox farms ocean forest soil 4 ft T5 w/ 8-54 watt bulbs 2-Jack Herer clones 2-GDP clones 1-Northern Lights clone 1-Chem 4 OG seedling started from Cali connection seed 1-Blackwater seedling started from Cali connection seed First time doing this indoors and...
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