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1st indoor grow

  1. ItsSalty

    Six shooter auto nutrient help

    Shoot where do I even start... today was a chaotic day. Decided to pick up a new hobby and drove to some shops and went crazy on getting stuff and now I'm super overwhelmed and anxious. The guys at the store set me up with some stuff and I don't even know how to use it.. He even said...
  2. Rexer

    Super Skunk Auto, Ebb & Flow, 1st Time Grower, Custom Cabinet

    So...a bit of an introduction is in order! I live in Northern Ontario and have severe nerve damage to put it nicely, that being said I may not be in shape to respond replies quickly. My LTD was being cut off and I knew I'd never be able to afford my medication therefore I decided to grow my own...
  3. J

    Need help with 1st time grow

    Hey ,im growing indoor 80*80*160 under 280W led light -basically one of the plants seems to be a male ,my question is what i should do as the other 2 plants are seemingly females ? 1.can someone confirm this is indeed a male 2.if so should i remove him from the growspace as the other 2 plants...
  4. greengostarr

    My Mystery Indica Reveg

    So, as a quick intro to this journal, I'll give you a little of my background and the background of this grow. I have only really grown outdoors before in a very hot and arid environment. My only real experience with indoor growing was about 30 years using fluorescent. However, due to the...
  5. NUTE

    My 1st Indoor Grow - Advice Welcome

    4x4 tent 5 gallon buckets fox farms ocean forest soil 4 ft T5 w/ 8-54 watt bulbs 2-Jack Herer clones 2-GDP clones 1-Northern Lights clone 1-Chem 4 OG seedling started from Cali connection seed 1-Blackwater seedling started from Cali connection seed First time doing this indoors and...
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