1st journal

  1. StonedGypsy

    Completed StonedGypsy's First Farming Foray!

    Hello fellow farmers, Its my first grow and journal here so a little "green" around the edges, but hey....I'm an eager quick study. So my equipment list is pretty short so far: 6x6x7 tent - Unknown manufacturer (2) 800w Sunnine COB Reflector LED (1) 300w Metal Halide DE Temp 75-77...
  2. F

    Abandoned Barneys Farm Blue Cheese 250W HPS 1st Time Grow

    Hi I've seemed to use this forum quite a lot for advice and info on how to grow so I thought I would give a bit back to the helpful 420 family and share my 1st grow with you. This is my very 1st attempt at growing my reasons for this are simply that I am sick and tired of paying over the odds...
  3. jjames

    Abandoned Jjames 1st: DWC - 4 Sour Grape - 2 Blue Dream - 400W MH - Veg

    hey im a new mmj patient and am just getting my 1st grow off the ground heres the stats... im gonna try an keep this journal going, as ive seen an abundance of members here with lots of knowledge... 4 sour grape, 2 blue dream clones @ 2-3 inches each... 400w MH in tube style hood (...
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