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  1. Sh0TyMe


    Began message: so this is an introduction I am Sh0 TyMe , I am a novice grower, I'm not a jerk , I'm not a troll , I'm only here to share thoughts and knowledge with the community and learn more as I grow. so now that's out the way. Hello to all the growers and 420staff...
  2. F

    Barneys Farm Blue Cheese 250W HPS 1st Time Grow

    Hi I've seemed to use this forum quite a lot for advice and info on how to grow so I thought I would give a bit back to the helpful 420 family and share my 1st grow with you. This is my very 1st attempt at growing my reasons for this are simply that I am sick and tired of paying over the odds...
  3. D

    New Girl from WV

    Hi...you can call me AJ...I'm very new here and looking to learn a lot. I'm a big fan of our favorite herbal refreshment...and I do it for the pleasure it brings me. I am starting a grow project and will be posting and looking for advice. Can't wait to hear from everyone...glad to be...
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