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1st setup

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    L Boogie's First Grow - Unknown Strain

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon Medium - 100% Pro Mix BX Lights - (2) Mars reflector-96 LED Nutrients - Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1), MaxiBloom, Ecozen Strain(s) - ? # of Plants: 4 Yield : ? Ounces. Started in one tent (48" x24" x60") but the 5 Gallon buckets took up too much space. Apon...
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    SexyManWilly's Grow Tent Setup

    Hey Guys, finally just got my grow tent all my materials. 3 day process in setting up everything. I'm 98% complete, the only things i have left to do is: setting up the timers, plugging everything in, and making the window exhaust & intake unit. Let me know what you think! Grow Tent Framing...
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