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1st time dwc

  1. OntarioGro17

    1st Time Grow With DWC Top Feed Burmese Kush

    :welcome:Hello all and thanks for taking a look.:welcome: Well, Let me tell you all about me. I've grown many outdoor grows over the years and after reading up on this site for the past few weeks, I've learned that it's actually unfathomable that I ever managed to get anything to grow let...
  2. M

    MReilly 1st DWC Big Bomb GJ, 2017

    Setup: Grow Space: Old Cabinet In basement: -H- 59in, W- 28in, D- 22in -Inside painted flat Ultra White -cut hole in back for 4in inline fan and power cords Grow Type: DWC: -48qt Rubbermaid cooler -Removed cooler lid, created netpot lid by taking hard 2in house...