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1st time grow

  1. L

    LMGT's Soil Lemon Skunk Grow Journal - March 2017

    Greetings earthlings, welcome to my first ever grow. After doing my homework and researching for a couple of months, and after being dry for some time, I decided it was time to start growing on my own. I germinated 5 seeds (2 fem GH Lemon Skunk, 2 reg KC Brains Brain Damage, and 1 reg...
  2. Van Stank

    1st Grow - Alaskan Thunderfuck x4 - Durban Poison - Blue Kush & Blueberry In Kindsoil

    Hey all!! Just started my first grow a little more than a week ago. I am growing (4) Alaskan Thunderfuck seeds (Regular seeds as the feminized were sold out....and I want at least 1 female), (1) Durban Poison, (1) Blue Kush, and (1) Blueberry (free seed). I am doing all them in a 4x4x6.5'...
  3. M

    MReilly 1st DWC Big Bomb GJ, 2017

    Setup: Grow Space: Old Cabinet In basement: -H- 59in, W- 28in, D- 22in -Inside painted flat Ultra White -cut hole in back for 4in inline fan and power cords Grow Type: DWC: -48qt Rubbermaid cooler -Removed cooler lid, created netpot lid by taking hard 2in house...