1st time grower

  1. B

    Day 14, seedlings are slow-growing and cotyledons are looking unhappy: Help?

    Hi all, This is my first post and my first grow. I have 4 seedlings of Special Queen #1. Seeds were germinated by paper towel method. Due to a lack of light, some strecthing was occuring during first week of growth. A few days ago I transplanted the seedlings into larger pots, burying part of...
  2. B

    Abandoned 1st Time Grower 4x4 Tent 600W HPS 4 x Blueberry From Clone

    Hi, I've been buying weed for 30 year's now and I'm spending way too much, I could probably buy a small mansion house in my county with the money I've spent. I've decided to set myself up with a cheap £200 4x4 tent kit that came with everything to start up except for soil and seed/clones &...
  3. Jonthebeastn

    1st time grower

    Hello I'm a first time grower and wanted some feedback on plant. Is it healthy, I'm I missing something? Please advice or feedback would be great thanks guys!
  4. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    In the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds and the YouTube video I watched it said that to only transfer into soil? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a Hydro setup produce faster and much higher yields? I plan on modding a wicker storage unit with 3 levels and 6 selves...
  5. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    Thanks to everyone on advance for any snd and all help. I'm in the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds using the paper towel method. The YouTube video I watched said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles and to only transport the germinated seeds into soil? Correct me if...
  6. J

    Please advise - First time DIY hydro setup with day 2 of germination

    Thank you in advance for any and all help. I\'m in the germination process using the paper towel method for lowrider dwarf autoflowering seeds and from the YouTube video I watched it said not to use rock wool or clay pebbles, only plant directly into soil? Correct me if I\'m wrong but doesn\'t a...
  7. triggz2k15

    New grower and new here!

    Hi there everyone first time posting hear and first time grower. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips for me. I currently have a 1x1x2m budbox tent, a sol digital 400w digital ballast that can be set to 250w 275w and ovb 400w. Also I got a sol digital dual spectrum 400w bulb that works...
  8. StonedGypsy

    Completed StonedGypsy's First Farming Foray!

    Hello fellow farmers, Its my first grow and journal here so a little "green" around the edges, but hey....I'm an eager quick study. So my equipment list is pretty short so far: 6x6x7 tent - Unknown manufacturer (2) 800w Sunnine COB Reflector LED (1) 300w Metal Halide DE Temp 75-77...
  9. VladPutin

    Completed First Time Grower! - Bubba Kush! - Advice Appreciated!

    Hi, First time ever to grow here. I appreciate your thoughts on my journal. I understand Bubba Kush is an ambitious strain to grow for a newbie, but I'm all in. Here's the info... 6 plants from seedling. Growing indoors in room with white walls. I have one window cracked. No fans...
  10. L

    Abandoned L Boogie's First Grow - Unknown Strain

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon Medium - 100% Pro Mix BX Lights - (2) Mars reflector-96 LED Nutrients - Alaska Fish Fertilizer (5-1-1), MaxiBloom, Ecozen Strain(s) - ? # of Plants: 4 Yield : ? Ounces. Started in one tent (48" x24" x60") but the 5 Gallon buckets took up too much space. Apon...
  11. C

    Indica clone in soil with pictures

    NEEd them to start flowering, and just advice on what to do now, indica, been growing about a month and 1 week, gets nutrients every two weeks
  12. W

    Abandoned Grow Journal - 1st Stealth DWC CFL Attempt - Looking For Feedback On How I'm Doing

    Grow Setup Tent - 60x60x120cm Fan - 6" Inline w/ Carbon Filter, w/ multiple computer intake fans and 4" inline fan Lighting - Veg/250wBlue CFL Flower/300wRed CFL Strains - Blue Treacle and Auto Lemon Nutrients - Flora Series with MicroHW but changing to distilled and Soft (my tap water is...
  13. C

    Abandoned Chronic Lights - White Widow x Big Bud - Hydro - Grow Journal - 1st Time!

    Strains: 1) Chronic Lights (Chronic x Northern Lights) 2) White Widow x Big Bud 3) Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk 4) Strain Hunters Money Maker 5) Critical Sensi Star 6) Strawberry Blue 7) Smoking Gun (Auto) ALL INDICA DOMINANT Early Veg Stage... planted in Rockwool 6 days ago in dome Growing...
  14. C

    1 month old plant with soggy lower leaves - Help!

    Hi, This is my first grow, and my plant has soggy lower leaves. Can somebody please help me. My soil is miracle grow seed starting potting mix 0.0 - 0.01 - 0.0. I only give it water, about every second day, when the soil starts drying up. I'm using two 300w 4100k cfl's producing 3500 lumens...
  15. LALALand

    Completed LALALand's 1st Grow - CFLs & AutoPots In My Closet

    Hey all, As a longtime user of cannabis (recreationally back in the day; now medically for my chronic pain) I am a strong believer in this plant's magical effects—as well as its magically high price-tag—so I am quite stoked to be growing my own at last! :circle-of-love: Starting with 2 plants...
  16. L

    Help needed very slow growth!

    Hello world i have 2 plants in my closet they are in 3rd week from seed into very small pots, they have still only 2 sets of true leaves yet. My lightning is a 135 w ufo hydro blackstar 3w flowering and i am aiming to go with it from seed to harvest. What am i doing wrong? they grow in soil, i...
  17. tonymunteanu

    Abandoned Wip Tardis - First Grow - 2 White Widow - 2 AK47 - 1 Unknown - Advice Welcome

    Hi there, you wonderful group!! First of all, i want to thank you everyone :thanks: for your important contribution to us, first time growers and to the whole movement in general. I learned lots of things here and there, reading your posts/guides/etc. You are great! Thanks! After few...
  18. WestBlunts

    Superthrive and Liquid Karma help?

    I want to put my Blue Dream from seed on Liquid Karma & Superthrive to help promote root mass. Is this a good idea? If it is, can I put her on both at the same time?(not in the same gallon of water though) or which one first and at what amounts... -Sprouted 7/18/12 -FFoF soil(transplanted...
  19. WestBlunts

    Superthrive & Liquid Karma Help?

    I want to put my Blue Dream from seed on Liquid Karma & Superthrive to help promote root mass. Is this a good idea? If it is, can I put her on both at the same time?(not in the same gallon of water though) or which one first and at what amounts... -Sprouted 7/18/12 -FFoF soil(transplanted...
  20. WestBlunts

    Blue Dream from seed, Any help & tips for the First time grower? Take a look here.

    Hello new friends, I'm from the big bad Southern Cali & I'm a first time grower. I know the building blocks of growing but all feedback is welcome. I'm growing outdoor & this is my info: Sprouted 7/18/12 2 gal pot Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil Water hose water My baby girl seems a bit...
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