1. S

    Buds turning around quite early?

    The buds are turning orange quite early and I’m in mid week 4. I can’t tell if it looks wrong. Please help?!
  2. B

    A little help for a beginner

    Hey guys, I just started my very first plant grow. I can only have 1 plant at a time bc of legislation, so I want to make the best yeld possible using my setup. I'll summarize: -100w led light -using fabric pot 25litre -light cycle 18/6 -temperatures are around 24/26 -RH around 50/60 - Using...
  3. M

    1st Coco Grow - Critical + 2.0

    Hello guys, so yet another "1st whatever" thread but I'm really out of names right now so we'll stick with the default layouts. So, a bit information about the grow, The strain is Critical + 2.0 300x150 tent with 5x600 lights that will have 16 plants in it 100x100 tent with 1x1000w...
  4. D

    My first grow and just to say hello

    Hi I am very new to growing and I'm on my first EVER grow. I have two plants on the go, the 1st is Somango and number 2 is Moby Dick, both are autoflower.
  5. DonJuanaGrow

    5 Mango Auto Flowers

    I'm really looking forward to this Auto Grow as it'll be my 1st.
  6. Grow17

    Gorilla Glue Auto - Not Growing

    Using the same equipment/soil as I've been for the last 2 years. Happy Frog /T5 Lights 18/6 schedule Germinated fine, sprouted in 2 days. 1st set of leaves 4 days later. Nothing since and it's been 2 weeks. This is the 1st time growing auto. I've started 2 THC Bomb Fem 4 days ago, and...
  7. W

    1st Time Grower

    1st time growing any kind if plant. Started August 28th 2017 Strain- Skywalker OG Kush At the moment it's growing in a Rubbermaid Container. I do have a grow tent setup that i havint set up Yet. Hoping to have it up in a week or 2. Lights- 2- 150watt cfls from the sides 1-...
  8. F

    How long would you guys say is left?

    First grow looking for info how long until these. Northern light girls. Are ready 5th week of flower. Photos are not great. I will post better one soon 1st) 2nd) 3rd) this is her when i first started too much streach sorted that
  9. P

    1st grow 1st post - Quick sexing question

    High All, Just a quick question, did I get lucky and end up with a female? Managed to kill 5 before semi-figuring out what I was doing with regard to PH, nutrients and most of all water temp, I knew one day CPU overclocking experience would come in handy for something else. Made my own...
  10. M

    1st grow - Preflower question

    1st time grower. Images (if they work!!!) Are 2 diff plants. About 1 month into veg. Bag seeds. Obviously want to remove males as soon as identifiable. Any help appreciated! TIA
  11. G

    1st timer soil help

    So I ordered a mixed bag of seeds...been germinating for a day now in paper towel....what's the best soil mix to start them with. Thanks
  12. D

    Using 400HPS air-cooled light for new seedlings - What height please?

    1st day white widow seedlings under 400hps at 30inches high and 73degrees f please help me decide on the height my 1st time with this light
  13. J

    1st grow

    1st time grower. I just got myself a spectrum king 400+ led my plants have been in veg for about 2months (due to the fact I bought everything an then some to start) an next week I'm flipping just curious has anyone used these in flower I want to know do I follow the instructions an put them down...
  14. dieselskunk

    How to dose the 1st time?

    I was thinking of making butter with my leaf when I do my 1st harvest. The butter sounds easy enough but how do I know how much to eat? Can I use a slice of butter on some corn and be ok? To many stories of people getting sick off of it.
  15. N

    Am I ready to flip into flower?

    Hi all...1st time grower. I have 6 White Widow females that I have lst\'d since the very beginning. They are 46 days into veg. It\'s about an 8-9 inch even canopy and as you can see are healthy, nice and bushy. My real problem is that I need to harvest them by Sept. 1st. Would love some input on...
  16. Chris Scorpio

    1st harvest & cure in the desert - I'd love some help please

    Ill have my 1st Partial Harvest in about a week so could really use some guidance Its gunna be 103-110 deg outside and RH at about 15-20%. Inside it is usually around 77-79 deg durring the day and I go down to 76 at night. I was planning on hanging them in a bathroom that isnt used. I can...
  17. C

    CoopExquisite's Soil & Coco Bag Seed Grow Journal 2017

    I'm a few weeks into the grow, but have been snapping photos along the way. Guess this is as good of a time to introduce myself as any. Retired from the USMC in 2015 and currently working towards a Bachelors in finance. I've been tossing around the idea of growing my own medication and...
  18. B

    1st indoor concerns

    Hi all, Been snooping around these forums for a while and this seems like the​ best of the lot so here I am with a couple of questions I'm sure someone here can help with. Been growing guerrilla outdoor for a while but recently set up indoor tent as I've had to relocate to a colder area...
  19. dieselskunk

    1st Real Grow - Critical & Skunk#1

    As the title said this is my 1st real indoor grow. This is week 2 for this Critical feminized I got as a freebie from attitude seed bank. Growing in soil with dyna gro bloom for nutes. Skunk regular plants look great as well. Previous attempt many years ago was poor at best. I was growing...
  20. B

    1st grow White Widow CKS

    Will try to add photos 6th day of flowering, some leaves yellowing. Read forums and believe maybe I haven't enough N. I added bloom nutes on 1st day of 12/12. Using potting soil with added MG orchid food. Using 600w HPS for flowering. Had 6 weeks of veg at 600w. Plants had different looks...
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