2 liter

  1. Local Grown

    Completed Nirvana Blackberry SOG

    Welcome to our new Nirvana Blackberry SOG. :party: We have 30 Blackberry clones in 2 liter hempy pots filled with 75/25 mix of coarse perlite and big flake vermiculite. We are using Blue Planet Nutrients Elite series GROW-MICRO-BLOOM and Liquid Blue Bloom Booster. :thumb: The ladies have...
  2. M

    Abandoned Mises890's Hempy SOG Multi - Strain Grow Journal - 2011

    Hey 420magazine subscribers! This is my first attempt at a grow journal. I hope to learn a lot from the wealth of information in the input I receive from you all here and the results I have with this first grow. I'm going to be using the 420'fied hempy SOG method for my first grow using the...
  3. Mrgivemethat

    Completed Blue Planet Powered 18 Strain Hempy

    Hey everyone, glad to be here have been here reading alot ive been running hempy for a couple months in now I started on December 13 so im a couple months I started with some bagseed then but finally ordered and on 12/27 I recieved 1 NIRVANA WHITE WIDOW, 1 GHS EXODUS CHEESE, 1 GHS AMS, 1 GHS THE...
  4. Mark Green

    Abandoned Mark Greens Perpetual Multi-Strain 2 Liter SOG

    :welcome: Hello and welcome to all. I am new to posting as this will be my first; however I have been reading and learning for some time now. This community has helped and inspired me to improve my growing skills. Although none of you all knew it you have helped and i thank you so much for...
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