1. PlanetJ

    Jack Herer, Kera Seeds, 60x60cm 2x2ft, DWC, 200w LED, T.A. GHE, ScrOG

    Strain information: Name: Jack Herer Breeder: Kera seeds Parents: Haze X Northern Light X Skunk Type: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica Taste: Haze / Spicy / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 8 Weeks Growroom setup: Space: 60x60cm (2x2ft) SecretJardin DarkStreet DS60 Lamp: 200w Secret Jardin...
  2. Nutria

    320w LED & HPS Vs 300w HPS?

    Hello growers! My tent is 2x2x5ft What light setup should I choose? 1. Mars Hydro 300 (120w) + 200w Hps = 320w 2. 300w Hps Tent is small so it's hard to fit both led panel and cooltube but I made it, actually I am working with led+hps setup. I have a dimmerable ballast and a 400w...
  3. B

    Abandoned Unknown Strain CFL Continuous Bud Cabinet Veg Box

    hello all this is my first grow journal i hope it to be a continuous grow hopefully taking a yield twice a month by staggering my plants from veg to bud, but things are not yet fully set up. so far i have: 10 clones (rooted as far as i can tell but still young) 7 seedling (bag seed unknown...
  4. N

    Question about lights for auto

    its my first time growing, bit new to all of this. I just got my lowryder #2 auto fem seeds, all ready to start i was wondering could i grow with 1 200w CFL? only going to start off with the one plant to see how i get on. help would be much appreciated (:
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