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  1. J

    Joosy's 2015 Indoor CFL or Fall Outoor Experiment In Soil

    Hey everyone missed out on the 2015 summer grow year because my plants out grew my cages and the deer chomped em, germinating 4 out of my 48 leftover seeds i pulled off some fat colas (one of them was purple kush) just for fun. its already early october so i was thinking of going indoors and...
  2. J

    Oklahoma MMJ signature initiative - 2015

    Please spread the word about the new initiative to gather signatures for the 2016 ballot. We can get our medicine if se all work together!!!!! Greenthevoteok.com
  3. D

    My Big Girls - Outdoor 2015 - Central WA - Blue Hash & Power Kush

    Hello and welcome to my 2nd outdoor grow. Freebies from Dinafem: 1x Blue Hash and 1x Power Kush. Soaked the seeds for 24 hours, then into solo cups. Popped above soil ~4/20/2015. Moved outside when low temps were over 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Moved to 5 gallon pots, then to 10 gallon dirt pots...
  4. Cyberbong

    Multiple Strain - Outdoor Guerrilla Grow - 2015

    Hey guys! I decided to start a journal mid grow, so this post might get big or segmented into parts - but I have to sum up where I'm at, what I'm doing and the journey so far. =] So this is what I started with: -Crimea Blue (Barney's Farm) 5 seeds (mostly indica) -Frisian Dew (Dutch...
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