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  1. S

    BC Entities Field Kit 2016

    Hi everyone! I wanted to post my experience in case anyone else out there is sick to their stomach with doubt, like I was. I went on Amazon and purchased Upass at a very cheap price, but I was overcome with doubt because it seemed like it had TOO many good reviews, then some recent ones who had...
  2. W1zard

    Is she a girl?

    Hiya everybody and thanks in advance for any help, also pls check out my grow threads , im a newb and have two grows on the go atm, any help would be greatly appreciated, links in signature, anywhos Now this one im a lil concerned about. i believe that shes just running a lil slower than...
  3. The Hempeneer

    Toxic Proposals

    When will it be time to discuss what is in the Missouri proposals. I have a public call to any and all about what is in them Here is my write-up about the NORML, Show-Me and NAM proposal 134 and 135. It's time to talk about what is written inside of them. Not who's backing.