1. Why Doe

    The Long Lived Debate - Autoflower Light Schedule?

    I'm curious to what you guys use and why. 18/6 20/4 24/0 Also would be interesting to know if anyone knows at what point you start loosing money with yield vs electricity cost. Is that even a factor with leds? Will autoflowers go for longer if using less hours? Or would they finish at the...
  2. T

    Light Vs Root Growth - Help

    Ok so i have 1 simple question today, i have switched my lights to a 20/4 on off cycle, does the darkness promote root growth, that is my simple and only question for you today.
  3. P

    Vegging Sativas at 20/4 or 24/0?

    Hey guys I know this has probably been asked a thousand times, but I've been reading and theres arguments for and against lighting times etc, Who here suggests a 20/4 over 24 hr on? Im semi leaning toward this as I've read plants recover/grow better in periods of darkness. Im not going...