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  1. Gardenseed

    120 Volts or 240 Volt? What are you using?

    So I was reading this from one of our sponsors after considering switching from 120 to 240. What are you guys and girls running on? Knowledge Center 120 Volts Compared to 240 Volts: Is It Beneficial? All Articles, Grow Tests & Comparisons 2016-12-17 Advanced LED Lights Michael Pereckas /...
  2. CnstntGrdnr

    Digital Ballasts: 120V vs. 240V, what's the difference?

    High! I'm in the process of shopping for digital ballasts for my up and coming FIRST grow and wanted to ask y'all a question before I spend a couple of hundred dollars on this piece of equipment. I noticed there's an option to buy a 120V OR a 240V digital ballast - I'm not an electrician...
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