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  1. DobeWan

    DobeWan's Perpetual Adventure

    :welcome: Welcome to my perpetual grow journal! Let's start with some background to set the stage. For those that don't know me, I'm a Canadian growing legal medical marijuana. My wife and I both suffer from medical issues treatable by MMJ here in Canada, and I started legally growing...
  2. DobeWan

    DobeWan's First Grow! LA Confidential & 24K Gold - LED - 3x3 - Coco

    Hey everyone! :welcome: to my grow journal, hopefully something here piques your interest and you stick around for the ride! I use cannabis to treat my IBS and have had some real successes, but I've had trouble staying supplied with what I need. So I decided to grow my own. This will be my...
  3. B

    DNA 24K Roll Out Drum Roll Please!

    What's up everybody so this is my second post I am in a med state I do have over ten years of growing expertise long time lurker figured its time to share some of my experiences and knowledge and couldn't be more excited to roll out my grow journals then with DNA Genetics 24K this strain is...