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  1. SashaShiva


    There are a few things that should be brought up that have not been brought up yet. The "Marijuana Industry", as it is known, has made it a long way since the 90s in America, and since the 50s and 60s (and even earlier really) Internationally. Amsterdam is known for Coffee, Marijuana and...
  2. GodOfPot

    My first grow!

    Hey all, new to the forums and first time grower! Been wanting to grow for over 20 years, wife gave me the go ahead finally :) Still a few things I'm undecided on for now so will be looking for some advice here and there Tent is a 4x4x6.5 (not sure of brand, was the only one I could find...
  3. K

    Marijuana Grown In Uruguay Only Enough For 25% Of Consumers

    Marijuana grown in Uruguay only enough for 25% of consumers. The Monitoring Cannabis team of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the Republic estimated that only 25% of regular consumers will be able to access legal marijuana from Uruguay. By October 2016, 5,332 farmers were...
  4. F

    Is this nute burn - Mag deficiency or something different?

    These seedlings popped 14 days ago and I added a 25% nutrient feed on day 10. Is this Nutrient Burn or something different? Thnx Foodee
  5. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla Seeds - 25% Off Tangerine Dream & Liberty Haze

    These aren't brand-new, but we just put them up on the Gorilla Seeds site, so thought we'd throw a couple coupon codes out there. The first 5 people to use either will get 25% off. We're also expecting some major nice freebie from Barney's Farm sometime next month - stay tuned! FRF20LBHZ25...