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250w cfl

  1. Pepe Magics

    400W HPS - 2 Site DWC - Coming Up - PurePowerPlant

    Starting my third grow soon. Ill be using 250w CFL for vegetative stage and 400watt hps for flowering in closet room setup with good space for 2 big plants in 60 liters reservoir around 45-50 in use. I made my own custom feeding schedule that uses lower amount of nutrients than recommended...
  2. H

    comment my setup :)

    Hi, I'm about to grow my first grow and this is my setup so far. Secret jardin DR60 60x60x170 LxWxH. Out take fan connected to a coal filter to remove smell. 250w CFL at 2700k. The soil I'm going to use is standard flower soil mixed with pearlite and leca for drainage. Biobizz nutrients...
  3. redeyestaylor

    Northern Lights - 250W CFL - 600W Grolux

    hey everyone im new to the forum so i just thought id post my latest journal if anyones interested. ok well im pretty restricted on space so i had to try out a growtent (1m x 1m x 2m) heres what other kit im planning on using: vital earth organic seedling compost plant magic soil and...
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