250w hps

  1. J

    Completed Budman Growing Some Classics

    Hello all, I'm currently growing four strains that have all been commercial classics in my area (well, kind of) and thought I'd document it. The plants are one day into flower in 5litre pots under a 250w hps, they were vegged until between 8 and ten inches tall using a mixture of led and CFL...
  2. T

    Controlling Temperature in DS60 Tent

    Hope everyone is well! I am using a DS60 tent with a 250w hps. Have set up a bubble pot and have 2 fans in the tent. Running a TT extractor and getting negative pressure. The problem I have is the heat being too high. I have tried all sorts with this setup but still getting temps 38oc at...
  3. G

    Abandoned Grams89's Coco Coir - Blue Dream - 250W HPS - 2016

    I am a new grower that want share my enthusiasm with everybody who has the time to read. Since I am new to this I could really want any tips to maximize yields. Strain(s) - Bulldogs seed Blue Dream (Seed) x3 and Shining silver Haze x1 (Clone) Medium - Coco 60% Perlite 20% clay pellets 20%...
  4. O

    Abandoned Fun Indoors With Old El Paso - 250W HPS Stealth Box

    Hi all, so first off I've been lurking for sometime and thought I would start this journal so I could exchange information with this healthy pool of likeminded folk. I've Done a few grows in the past, Couple Outdoors over the years and one Indoors (600w HPS AK-47 xtrm). After Moving I had to...
  5. P

    Abandoned DWC White Russian

    Clone of white Russian from a friend I'm running advanced nutes. Started out in two gallon bucket now i went to five gal 250w hps with supplemental CFL. All together 37000 lums. Just switched buckets and start flowering today.
  6. ewilan947

    Completed Grow Journal N2 Soil From Clone

    :Namaste: hello every one ! :welcome: This is my second journal, I'll be working with purple power sensi seeds and Bianca from amsterdamseedbank. My setup for now is just a simple clone box in a cardboard box. 9w LED lamp. I'll be using element 1,2,3,4 as nutrient. The rest is...
  7. P

    Abandoned Closet Scrog Aurora Indica

    3 nirvana seeds aurora indica. About sixth week of veg. Under 250w super hps and cfls for supplemental light. The they are rooted in fox farm ocean forest and are feed with advanced nutes. Ph perfect .this is not my first grow but it is my first scrog and would appreciate any advise you guys...
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