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    First Time Grower - Pure Tent Pt60 - Critical Kush - Lowryder - Skunk XL - 250W HPS

    Hello community of 420 magazine :-). Im glad you clicked my post since i am far from the first guy to post a first time grower's journal. I basicly bought a complete grow tent at the local growshop and following equipment: i will be posting pictures as they get bigger. SETUP: -Pure Tent...
  2. teejkanna


    :welcome: DarkRoom Street 60x60x140 Supergirl from Nirvana x2 its a indica / sativa mix, indica dominant it has been flowering 4 weeks now first time lst training exp & growing indoors aswell if we dont count the balcony :439: local flower store soil (without extras like perlite), 11,5 L pots I...