1. ItsTommyGunnz

    Completed TommyGunnz Tries Green Crack & Pineapple Express

    Hi everyone, Tommy Gunnz is back again to give it another go here in Ireland. I have 10 seeds that I found in some bud that I bought so i'm going to give one a shot and see what happens, not sure if i'm going to do this indoor or outdoor yet seen as this is best time of year to do an outdoor but...
  2. A

    Abandoned First Time Grower - Pure Tent Pt60 - Critical Kush - Lowryder - Skunk XL - 250W HPS

    Hello community of 420 magazine :-). Im glad you clicked my post since i am far from the first guy to post a first time grower's journal. I basicly bought a complete grow tent at the local growshop and following equipment: i will be posting pictures as they get bigger. SETUP: -Pure Tent...
  3. teejkanna

    Completed SuperGirls2010

    :welcome: DarkRoom Street 60x60x140 Supergirl from Nirvana x2 its a indica / sativa mix, indica dominant it has been flowering 4 weeks now first time lst training exp & growing indoors aswell if we dont count the balcony :439: local flower store soil (without extras like perlite), 11,5 L pots I...
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