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    First Time Grower AutoFlowers

    First time grower here of auto flowers my seeds just touched down today so i'm Geeked and ready to get started. Heres What im working with: Box Size: 1ft 11''x 2ft 4''x 11" Soil: Fox Farm potting soil plain nothing added to it.. or should i add something to it..? Seeds: Northern Lights...
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    How much longer do you think? Advice needed - Pics included

    How much longer yall think i got. This is my veryyyyygy first grow. If i add more light do u think she will fatten alot or am i at the end... Also how does she look for first signs of flower on march 13?? I currently have 4x 23w/100w cfl 27k 1650 lumens And 1 x 18w/100w led 27k 1600 lumens. Shes...