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  1. falstaffo

    Falstaffo's World Of Green, The 2nd Coming, Photos, Autos, Quantums & Quadlines!

    Hey guys and gals Ready to start the next batch, current grow journal still in progress hereplanned to just run one thread but for ease and less confusion piling it all in one il make a new one for next batch. so what do we have planned.. The strains 2 @SeedsMan Alaskan purple fem 2 00seeds...
  2. J

    Need help - 2 Fast 2 Vast - Day 16

    :Namaste: This is my first grow 2fast 2vast day 16 in 5litre pot in organic perlite mix .Looks like small leaf burn and leaf deformation. I am feeding 250ml ro water with 1/2 teaspoon seaweed extract on 3rd day .I think it is a case of nute overdose because of feeding nutes with every watering...
  3. J

    should i replant the seedling - 2fast 2vast

    :Namaste: this is day 6 aftergermination. looks like 2fast 2 vast from heavy weight seeds is growing only taller. started with seaweed extract + R.O water only from day 5 . Now it is kept outdoors for 12 hrs ,indoors under 23W cfl for 12 hrs.Should i replant the stem deep or wait for one more...
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