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  1. higherthehigh

    Safe ppm for harvest & hydro ppm

    im growing in coco/perlite 60/40 mix, 20L pot and started feeding 2L of just water from last saturday, today i flushed them with 32L and the end run of was 150 on 3 and 280 on another, i plan to harvest next saturday making it a 14 day flush, is 150ppm would be okay for harvest wouldnt it? my...
  2. B

    Plant problems - Please help

    my plants are 2 weeks old and i feed with canna nutrients 2ml aqua A + 2ml aqua B + 2ml rhizotonic + 2.5ml cannazym + 2ml mono CAL + 2 ml mono MAG ( it says 1-2 ml per liter of water ) i have phed my water after adding the nutes on one of the plants it looks like it has some rust ...it looks...
  3. higherthehigh

    Fem Northern Lights LST & Northern Lights Auto Grow

    hello everyone! i should have started my journal along time ago but iv not know how to till now, ill update at every point. hope everyone likes what im trying so hard at. 5 feminised (broke soil 5/12/2016) veg for 3 weeks under 300cfl (12/12 start under 600w hps) 9 northern lights auto's...
  4. higherthehigh

    Northern Lights Auto - Very slow growth

    hi everyone 43 days old from breaking soil iv got 9 N/L autos 4x4 tent 4" intake 6" extractor 600w hps 7L pots 70/30 coco/perlite mix 3.2ml canna A+B each 2ml voodoo juice 2ml b-52 i got told they could of been odd balls but with only very few white hairs showing its becoming a...
  5. rillos

    How much Cal/Mag needed in DWCR and Coco-coir

    It seems in my growing that my Dwcr system plants show cal/mag def while in my coco-coir don't at the same 2ml per gallon. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around where I would see def in coco-coir before I would in my Dwcr.
  6. TurkiShroom

    Nutrient info needed please! Thank you

    I have a 5gallon pot which later I will transfer to a 7 gallon, I am going to be using Advanced nutes and found that it tells me I should be using 2ml per week eg. What I want to know is does how much I feed change depending on the pot size?? Because when I check on there websites calculator it...