2nd indoor

  1. R

    2nd Auto Grow Following 1st Grow Failure - CFL & Soil Grow

    So my 1st grow was a complete flop, had some problems from early on that took a long time to figure out and try put right, by the time I did it wa too late, my girls had hit flower and were just so tiny, the biggest leaf no bigger than about an inch on each of them!! I think the majority of my...
  2. teejkanna

    Amnesia Lemon & Utopia Haze, 250w MH/HPS, Indor #2

    :welcome: What strain is it? Its a mix of 2x Amnesia Lemon & 1x Utopia Haze Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? I think they both were sativa dominant, but anyways a bit of skunk aswell :winkyface: and I love getting stoned... RoorRip Amnesia Lemon Utopia Haze It is Flowering for...
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