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  1. PlanetJ

    Jack Herer, Kera Seeds, 60x60cm 2x2ft, DWC, 200w LED, T.A. GHE, ScrOG

    Strain information: Name: Jack Herer Breeder: Kera seeds Parents: Haze X Northern Light X Skunk Type: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica Taste: Haze / Spicy / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 8 Weeks Growroom setup: Space: 60x60cm (2x2ft) SecretJardin DarkStreet DS60 Lamp: 200w Secret Jardin...
  2. PlanetJ

    Super Silver Haze, Amsterdam Genetics: 60x60cm 2x2ft, DWC, 250w HPS, T.A. GHE, ScrOG

    Strain information: Name: Super Silver Haze Breeder: Amsterdam Genetics Parents: Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights Type: 70% Sativa – 30% Indica Taste: Skunk / Sweet / Citrus Effect: Energetic Headbuzz Flowering: 9 Weeks Growroom setup: Space: 60x60cm (2x2ft) SecretJardin DarkStreet DS60...
  3. Marsella

    Noob’s First One: 2x2, 125W QB, Coco

    Hi guyz ! Im very new and this will be my first experience as a grower so all your advices are well welcome, English isn’t my language but I’ll try to do my best (I’m also new to us/uk forums so I’m trying to learn your words for growing !). « Sadly » i have to go on hollidays in a month or...
  4. xllGHOSTllx

    2x2 Grow Tent

    Got a small closet 2x2 tent going with a couple seeds I found in some good smoke. Starting this journal late as it’s on day 8 of flower. Started out using a 600w bestva blurpul light then added a philizon 1000w qb, about 250 actual watts between the both. Using 3gal basic square pots. Temps with...
  5. JamesOaceO

    Grow #2: Adventures Into Better Genetics, A Nirvana Love Story

    1/1/2019 Happy New Year!!!!! Hey all :ganjamon: It's a new year and new adventures! How about you? What are YOU going to do and accomplish in 2019? Currently I am in my third week of flower on my first grow. You can check it out in my links in my signature. This next grow I will be growing...
  6. GROWant

    Xmas Gift From GROWant LED Grow Lights

    Hello all my fellow Growers, From Dec.15th til Christmas we will be offering our GROWant G3HiPAR GR240 *silver only* for a Huge Price off. Normally $125.00 we now are offering them for $79.00 as Christmas Gift to our 420 fellow growers. GR240 Products information as below, New Sponsor -...
  7. wwhateley

    WW's Landrace Grow - Panama

    Hi everyone and welcome to my 4th grow journal! I'm focusing on a sativa landrace this time and I'm really excited to grow it and to try it out. As always, I'm growing a single plant. This time, I will only veg for 45 days. My setup : Seed : Feminized Panama seed by Ace Seeds Lights...
  8. Z

    SOG Experiment In A Micro 2x2 Tent, 2 Trays,16 Plants

    Okay, so I started this new journal for my S.O.G. grow. I'm currently in week 4 of a scrOG grow, but I'm already prepping plants and clones for my next grow by keeping them under the canopy + on my dresser. I'm using a 140W Spectrum King LED Closet Case. Humidity stays around 55-65%...
  9. Brassico

    Best Light For 2x2 Area: Please Help!

    Best and cheapest led light for a 2x2 area i dont want it to blow up my house nor my eletric bill because i got hydroponic set and its already costing me alot i already have a 150 watt sun system hps light
  10. 420Amard

    Spart's - Mars Hydro 400W - Mainline Run

    Ok so going to start this grow off with a :Namaste: Then I'm gonna fill ya in on what exactly is going on this time grow. I'm planning on doing a 2 plant mainline in my 60cm x 60cm tent. Using my Mars Series 2 400w hopefully will be getting another tent to go along side this one. Anyways...
  11. A

    LED light for 2 feet x 2 feet tent?

    Hi all, I am considering galaxyhydro 300W light for my 2'x2' grow. Anyone has used this light? Any recommendations?
  12. wwhateley

    WW's 1st Grow - 2x2 Tent - Single Plant - LED - Borderliner XTRM - Soil - Reveg

    Hi everyone! After a lot of reading and studying, I'm ready to start with my first grow. I actually started a few days ago but I wanted to be sure that my soil germination was going to succeed. I learned a lot by reading journals and guides but there's just so much that you guys shouldn't be...
  13. S

    My first grow in 4 1/2 years

    hey everyone, this is my first grow I've done in 4 1/2 years. Pretty excited to get them huge (as I'm sure everyone is LOL. I have a 2x2x5', secret jardin dark room tent, a dual 24" t8 fixture with 2 15 W t8 bulbs with 2350 Lumens between the 2 . I believe this is good for now, but i will be...
  14. Glitch911

    Need help with LEDs

    I just purchased an older mars hydro 300watt 60x5 watt. Full spectrum led kit. I have a 2x2 foot veg and a 2x2 foot flower. I thought 1 light for veg, 2 for flower. Think that will be enough or do I need a bigger led setup? I know the older one skip the IR spectrum. And a few others should I...
  15. JohnnieJC3

    JohnnieJC3's Bay - 11 Clones - Mars II 400 - 2x2x5 Secret Jardin

    What strain is it? Bay 11 Clones Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 80/20 Sativa Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Vegetative Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Normally my own mix, but this round Roots Organics. I also add Garden...
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