1. G

    GM’s Grow Journal Spring 2020: 1st Time Indoor Grow! White Widow, AK-47 & Bubblegum

    I’m in a 2x2x4 grow tent and have 3 plants (WW, AK-47, and Bubblegum). All seeds purchased online from ILGM. Using Fox Farms Happy Frog Soil and Perlite. Maxsisun 1200W LED (268W +/- 3%) 110V; 4” inline fan and 4” carbon filter, 6” clip-on fan and 24” oscillating tower fan. To germinate (Day 1-...
  2. ChronicKid007

    Completed First Grow! So Very Excited To Share The Progress Day By Day

    This is my first grow, as my last one ended in February 2016 about 5 days in. Supplies: - 2x2x4 tent - 600 watt Viparspectra LED lamp with veg and flower functions - 4 inch inline fan with a giant filter - Two 4 inch clip-on fans from the dollar store - 1 Unknown seed - 3 gallon round fabric...
  3. TheDankBone

    TheDankBone's Bagseed Grow! Tons Of Pictures

    Hello everyone! Been growing for a couple successful harvests and have followed this site for years. It just dawned on me recently how sad it is not having documentation of the nice little plants I've grown, and so here I am! Feel free to join me along the way. I intend to post quite frequently...
  4. S

    2x2x4 150 HPS or LED?

    I have a 2x2x4 tent that I will grow a single plant in any one time (maybe two but doubt it). This is my first grow and my seed is still germinating. I just planted it in the smart pot 24 hours ago. I'm looking for recommendations on which would provide the best yield in that space. I...
  5. S

    2x2x4 Tent with Reflector 48?

    Hello everyone. I have been impatiently waiting :laugh2: for my first set of seeds from Herbies and doing some more research while I wait. Anyway, I have been reading more grow journals and I've decided to drop some money on lighting other than the CFLs I was going to start out with. I...
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