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2x4 tent

  1. Yancey420

    Too much water?

    So thanks to @MochaBud and @PK1 ive officially properly watered my ladies but I feel like they may be drooping , what do you think? 3ml cal-mag per gallon, took about 5 gallons for all 6, drained runoff, also switched to 18/6 schedule but want to know thoughts on 20/4? Also I’ve realized I’ve...
  2. P

    First Grow Coco+, Early Skunk & Sensi Skunk

    First day with the new light mars hydro sp250, decided to start another sensi skunk and early skunk as the oldest 2 are coming back to life With 18 hours of light at about 23 inch from highest point 2x4 tent And fed with flora series nutrients Kept at 60-70%rh 25-28 degrees Any additional...
  3. DreamingTrees7

    DT’s Garden Of Pounds In Soil

    What’s up 420 magazine. I’m excited to start a fresh new journal with a brand new light and top notch seeds. My Set up Seeds- Dr seeds feminized Gorilla Alien, LSD, and Jacks girl Dirt- Happy frog Light- TSL 2000 watt Tent- 2x4x5 Air- 400 cfm centrifugal in-line fan w/ ducts 2x clip fans...
  4. HigherTheHigh

    Vertical & Horizontal Training

    Hello everyone. I'm currently growing 3 Cheese from Seedsman and plan to flower in a 2*4 tent, I need as much yield as I can possibly get as I plan to make edibles and concentrate. My goal is 20-25oz but I'm struggling to think how I'm going to train them, my hopeful goal was to run a scrog...
  5. HigherTheHigh

    Life In The Day Of A Coco Grower

    Hello :420: So it's been quite a while since I last grew in coco and I have to say I have really missed it, I tried soil up until last month and I really didn't take to it, my yield dropped and so did my confidence in the whole grow scene too so I will currently have this setup and my hydro...
  6. FungiClay

    1 White Widow, 2 Unknown Strain, 2x4 LED Organic Living Soil

    Welcome All! Thanks for stopping by for a peak. This is my second grow and im looking forward to being part of a community where i can share my passion for cannabis. I currently just finished week 5 of veg and am on day 3 of flower, so lets show you whats up! Seeds- 1 WhiteWidow -Rare Earth...
  7. MusicCityCannabis

    Music City Cannabis Soil White Widow Grow Journal - 2018

    Hey all! This will be my first ever grow so wish me luck! Starting from scratch so still have gear waiting to be delivered although I have most already in my possession but wanted to go ahead and creat my journal as I like to stay ahead of the game I'll be posting pictures soon! Seeds - 5...
  8. OldSchool1965

    Critique my setup please - 2x4 tent LED Dutch Bucket - First indoor grow

    HYDRO GROW Strain - TBD autos # of Plants - 3 autos in rotation / perpetual Grow Type - Hydro 2x4 Tent Setup - Dutch Buckets Light - OPTIC LED OPTIC 2 COB LED GROW LIGHT 400 (actual 205W). Two of these lights Nutrients - GH Maxi or Masterblend 4-18-38 + Medium - Perlite / Vermiculite...
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