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  1. Sangmang

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: TSL 2000, 1st Time In Coco, DIY Drip Build, 2x4, Jack Herer SOG

    More grow info on 2nd post. Pic Dump: Drip/DTW table Gutter with drain tube Corrugated roof Flashing Wire rack Rainbird 9 port manifold Over complicated drip rings :laugh2: MARS HYDRO TSL-2000 :adore: 9 Jack Herer clones fully rooted in solo cups. More pics tomorrow after the...
  2. 2x4 tent set up with Spider Farmer SF2000

    2x4 tent set up with Spider Farmer SF2000

    My buddy sold me his grow tent for cheap! I put my SF2000 light in and have been monitoring temps all day. So far it's not running very hot.
  3. L

    First Grow - 4x2x6 400W

    Just started my first grow ever yesterday! I'm super excited to document the process! Here are some details: Strains: 2 Girl Scout Cookies and 2 Blue Dream Growing State: Clone/Veg Pot Size: 1 gallon fabric pot -> 7 gallon is the plan Light size and details: 400w MH/HPS non-air cooled. I got...
  4. K

    Should I get a 2x4 room or larger? 2x96x5w Mars Hydro Reflector

    Hi all, I just ordered two 96x5 Reflector series led lights. I was planning on fitting these two lights to a 2x4x6 closet putting me at about 50 true watts per sq foot. My goal is to yield as close to a lb as possible, but was wondering the following. 1) How many girls should i plan on...
  5. P

    2x4 tent - 400 watt Roleadro cob LED - Coir hempy- Cheese auto & Syrup

    Ok in all fairness I must say that I have no clue about soilless. I've used soil in the past and hate the inconsistency between bags. So I'm throwing myself to the wolves! Anyone wanna help me along here?? 2x4 tent 400 watt roleadro cob LED 4-3 gallon mop buckets- hempy style Coir/perlite...
  6. pontiacman

    Pontiacman's - Autoflower & GSC - Grow 2016

    This will be my third grow. Wanted to start a journal for the 1st two but didn't have the opportunity. So here I go! 2 girls : amnesia pink diesel auto and girl scout cookie. Growing in foxfarm happy frog soil. Auto in 2 gallon/feminized in 3 gallon pot Using foxfarm nutes including cutting...
  7. T

    Brand new DWC - 6x6 tent - Need advice

    Merry Christmas! It seems that Santa thought I was great this year and brought me a new 6x6 tent to go along with the huge assortment of lights, fans, timers and other equipment. My dilemma is that I am having trouble figuring out the best use of my equipment. I have currently: 2x4x5 tent...
  8. K

    Check Out My Grow

    This is my introduction to this forum hope you enjoy. More to come!!
  9. elibrium

    Getting Scroggy - 600 Watt 4 Plant Modular Mixed Freebie Super Soil Grow

    Hey guys I'm back! Upgrading my 2x4 set up a bit so I can turn my 600 all the way up got a separate fan for my filter setup so my cooltube has it's own dedicated 6inch now. Here's what I got going on and my plans for this run. Some freebies from attitudes last birthday promo I need to...
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