3 gallon smart pots

  1. S

    Shorty's Coco White Widow & Cheese Fem, 2020

    Hello 420 Community, New member and new grower, any and all advice will be highly appreciated! I am growing; 1 Feminized Cheese Fem (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= Skunk#1 x Afghani#1 Flowering Type = Photoperiod Indica/ Sativa 1 Feminized White Widow (Native Seed Co.) Genetics= south indian x...
  2. trichome9

    Abandoned Surprised They Lived!

    Bucket: 3 Gallon Smart Pots (round) Medium: FFOF (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) Lights: One 600W HPS, Two 150W HPS' Nutrients: None Strains: White Widow, Northern Lights and Cheese Stage: 4th week of flowering Started outdoors with expensive seeds from Amsterdam and was pleasantly surprised...
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