3 weeks old

  1. Purplehaze420x

    First time WSS Skunk

    Hey you guys this is my Wss skunk girl. She is in 3rd week now. 21 days I just want your opinion and does she look healthy. I never noticed yellow leaves. I keep her under 200 watts Led light with Fan and humidity adjustment. Sometimes before sleep and in morning I spray carefully walls in...
  2. B

    Durban Passion 3rd week seem to be small?

    4x32w CFLs and 1x42w CFLs (about 5 inches far from plants) light cycle 24/0 and sometime 18/6 2 small fan grow in soil with organic mixture runoff water is constantly 8.0 even though i've tried to drop ph level of water i give them to about 6.2. I'm still observing for changes. the first...
  3. B

    early miss auto at 3 weeks

    my early miss auto at 3 weeks...my second grow..I have 10 week white widow auto...early miss is so different and much larger at 3 weeks than was white widow auto was
  4. J

    Autoflower - Outdoor Coco 100%

    My First growth - Autoflower Outdoor - Help
  5. J

    My First Growth: Autoflower Outdoor, Help

    :420: Hello! This is my first post and so my first growth, I started this spring an Dark Devil Autoflower, she has now 3 weeks old but the problam is that i think that she is to small... Is outdoor and the climate doesn't go under 10ºC at night and in day the temps are like 20ºC this stain have...
  6. D

    Just a few questions! Help please!

    Hi everybody! My name is Matt and I am a new grower. I purchased seeds from Nirvana, specifically Feminized White Widow. Currently I am growing two plants which are both rather healthy. Seeing as this is my first time, I have a few questions since I have had an issue arise at last. Before I...
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