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3 weeks

  1. S

    Autoflowers at 24 days old

    hi, this is my first grow I choose autoflowers as people seem to suggest that they are easier to grow I am using a 600w dual spec lamp and a digital ballast an aircooled powerplant reflector and a grow space of 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m I have four strains currently growing out blue mystic, ak49, auto...
  2. Y

    First grow AK49 3 weeks old any advice welcome

    Hi I'm a first time grower and this is my 3 week old AK49 auto flower. I grew it with an LED light and I think it is growing well but I may be wrong as I have no previous experience. Any general advise would be helpful. I would like to know if the plant is at the right size for it's age and if...
  3. MarysGarden

    Week 3 flowering - 1st time grow - How am I doing?

    This is my first time attempt at growing, I'm on day 25 of the flowering cycle. How am I doing???
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