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  1. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla - 30% Off Advanced Female Seeds This Weekend

    30% off Advanced Female Seeds - click the name to see what they have to offer. This weekend only - no coupon code needed. Sherry
  2. D

    Chronic Haze

    Just wanted to show a couple of main colas from my chronic haze grown in 3 gallon cloth pots with regular potting mix with 30% perlite. I'm a hydro guy myself but figured I give dirt a try. Cheers
  3. F

    PM in arid conditions

    I have PM. Really a pain! My humidity is always low, less than 60% at all times, more around under 30% most times - the max is 58% and the min is 15% but the average is about 30%. My max temp is 85 and low is 53. I have fans, vents, and screens in the room always open - lots of airflow. I...
  4. M

    How long before I should start flushing

    Alot of the hairs are starting to turn orange, I would say about 30%, some buds more than others.
  5. thedaveabides

    March 2016 - Daveabides The Quantum Kush Quest For 30% - Soil - T5/HPS

    WELCOME BACK!! We're very excited to be making final preparations for beginning the next grow. I say "we" because I have a partner you all have yet to meet; we may drag him out here into the light this time around :2: We're growing Quantum Kush from seed this run. We're using unmodified...
  6. T

    Harvest time

    Hi all, question on harvesting. The ladies are full of sugar I would say 70% clear 30% cloudy. Want to harvest when the trichomes are 70% cloudy and 30% . My question is how long from the stage I am in to get to the stage I want to harvest am I looking at a couple of weeks or more, thanks in...
  7. Ripples

    Low RH and the Claw?

    This time of year the furnace is running and the air is much dry in the entire house... Having said that I have a hard time keeping my RH above 30% (I'm in veg) even with a humidifier inside the tent! Filling it twice a day just to keep things at 30%... Temps running 77-79 constantly...
  8. R


    how important is the humidity in my grow room? can i get away with 30% or should i get it to 40% to 60%