1. Th3Grow3rNooB

    As Requested - 300Watt LED Grow

    25 Days in Flower, under one of these lights. :S below par or Substantial ? I have 3 plants under this light, all buds are similar. To anyone curious this is Strawberry Cheesecake by HeavyWeight Seeds. ( There is a Pineapple Chunk by Barney's Farm in there as well but i dont have all day to...
  2. C

    Abandoned First Grow - Hi All 420 Lovers

    Hello everyone.first grow , thanks for any advice:Namaste: Light 400 Watt mh hps and balast all of them powerplant brand.with 300watt old style Mars led. Soil biobizz light mix ,fertzs too (i have root and grow for now) Strains 2x dinafem critical jack. 1 x hw wipeout .1x vision ww 1x vision...
  3. N

    Abandoned Neverlow710's Lucy Soil Grow

    This is my first posting on here, I decided to do a grow journal as I enjoy reading them and I would also like to contribute and get some advice on my own grow. I have a 3'x3'x6.5' virtual sun grow tent with a 85 watt cfl and light hood the box has an exhaust fan and I later will add a carbon...
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