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    Is one 30W CFL enough?

    Hello 420Magazine My plan is to build a ''grow box'' where the seedlings can be the first weeks so they can get strong enough for the weather, before they will be placed outside... The size of the ''grow box'' will be 75x45x45cm where there will be one 30w cfl and 2 pc fans. But i'm insecure...
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    Abandoned 2x Sleestack X Skunk - 2x 30w CFL Soil Grow - To Be ScrOGed

    Hello, This is my second proper grow. I germinated the seeds in a shot glass of water in a dark drawer, 100% success rate with this method, used to use the paper towel idea but found it wasn't as good. When they sprouted I potted them with soil with a layer of stones in the bottom to help with...
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