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  1. Dogwash

    Two Philips Daylight 315s - Six Secret Jardin 22W/55W LED Strips - Four Painkiller XL

    Hi, my grow tent been out of action since August but we're up and running again. I have improved the venting - previously I was running two x 5 inch 225L/hr RVK inline fans with Rhino carbon filters. I have added another 5 inch RVK inline fan but this time got the 323L/hr model and have...
  2. Dogwash

    Day Of The Triffids

    Check these beasts out I'm running 2 x 315w Philips Daylight, plus 6 x 26w Secret Jardin TLED (6 x 55w equivalent - two veg strips (blue) and four bloom (red) When i got em they were about a foot tall and monster cropped clones I vegged em for five weeks, doing a lot of low stress training...
  3. GreatWhiteBud

    Green Crack & White Cookies: Mainlining Under A Sunplix CMH

    Hello from Northern Canada! First off, sorry to anyone who was following my last journal, I ended up having to go out of town for a work for a while. I finished the grow and was pretty happy with the harvest, but life simply got in the way of the journal. I work concrete work spring to fall so...