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400 watt hps mh

  1. K

    First Autoflower Grow - 2x Bubba OG & 1x White Widow - 400W HID

    Hey everybody, so after being forced to abandon my last grow, I have started again. Seeds germinated in bowl of water, then moved to paper towels, then transplanted to (final) 3 gallon pots where they will live. The seeds are also from a local fellow, so this is also an experiment to see if...
  2. N

    Noob - 400 Watt HPS - Blue Dream - Soil - Grow

    Hello all, this is my 3rd attempt at growing cannabis. One of these finished grows are outdoor (which hermied a bit but quality was excellent as well as yield for only water no nutrients). The other grow was a complete failure, I was running a light dep greenhouse with an 1000 watt hps (very...
  3. A

    Starting From Scratch - Black Cream Autos - 400W MH/HPS - Soil

    I started a journal a while ago, but seeing how one of my seedlings got burnt and would not grow I had 2 more seeds germinated and here it goes. Unfortunately I was so frustrated during the first week after germination I did not keep in mind of making a journal anew, so there are no photos...
  4. C

    CannaPeace's 1st Grow - 400W HID - GLR/DLC - Kryptonite/Anubis/Bag Seeds - 2015/2016

    Hi all and welcome to my first grow journal. Huge thanks to all people from all around the world, sharing their experiences, knowledge and secrets, inspiring and leading me through my first grow. Some about 6 months ago, I decided to grow my own stuff, as I did 4-5 times before outdoors...
  5. Tokehontas

    400W - 5 Red Purps - 1 Lemon Kush - 4 Bag Seed

    Hello and welcome to my thread. I will be growing Female Seeds: Red Purps(5)& Lemon Kush(1) also 4 BagSeed. This will be my first attempt at indoor growing. Any Feedback is appreciated and welcome as I am new to indoor growing. I do not have much of set-up but I do not feel as though I need...
  6. S

    How should i light my plants?

    So, where i live, energy is a wapping .79 per kWh... so how would you suggest i give my plants the light they need? i'll be growing 2-3 white widow plants, and wish the get the biggest yeild (obviously :P) and i'm just curios on how you guys think i should run it, i was thinking of using 400...
  7. Minus

    My Journey For Homegrown Meds

    Hello all and welcome to what is going to be a slow starting but hopefully a progressive journey for my personal medical use marijuana. This journal will take a bit of time to get off the ground as my health just isn't what it used to be and I don't seem to have the energy to get things done...
  8. P

    First Grow - Insane Results - 1 plant 400 W MH/HPS - BC God Bud clones!

    I want to make this as simple to follow as possible so read this intro to understand what's going on. Thank you. Hey guys first off let me introduce myself since this is my first post ever. I am your average stoner who's growing weed legally. This is my first grow and the reason why I made a...
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