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400 watt hps

  1. JamesOaceO

    400W HPS First Time Grow: Catching You Up On The Action!

    Hello all! I am new to the growing community and am excited to share my journal with you! I have been at this for a little over a month and been keeping a physical journal - I saw this forum and decided it would be cool to share what I am doing and heed suggestions of more experienced growers in...
  2. D

    DreamingGreen's First Auto Grow - 400 Watt HPS - Blueberry - GSCxBB & NL

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, but I've completed 3 grows so far, usually with quite some time in between. My last grow was bagseed, and went fairly well, but I'm looking forward to growing out proven genetics again! I'll also have a much more clear idea of what I'm doing this round, as I...
  3. O

    Few questions that I can't seem to answer - 400 watt grow space

    hello everyone ill try to make this simple, yet im having such a hard time trying to figure out.. I recently just did my first grow ( woooho)and it was successful; not perfect but successful. Im using a 400 watt hps for veg and flower.. i know rookie but thats all i can do for the moment. i...
  4. S

    Fans, carbon scrubber filter questions

    I will be growing in a SECRET JARDIN DR90 (3x3x6) with a 400w hps with batwing reflector. I have a fantech 6inch 220cfm centrifugal fan and i hope to keep costs down by using this fan. The air will come from an evironmentally controlled living space and exhausted into that same room. I will...
  5. H

    Haloplanters LED & HPS Grow - Purple Widow - Auto Choc/Skunk - Auto Afghan Mass

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted on here, but after losing seeds in the battle due to me not knowing what i was doing. i have great success now and great simple understanding on this plant process Heres my setup soil: coco coir(soaked with super thrive & sea kelp) 2 parts, coco loco 1...
  6. B

    horizontal or vertical - insight needed!

    Whats up guys, Ive got quite a few grows under my belt and I have put together a new grow cab. Nothing too big - 47"wide x 19" deep x 52" high. Running 400w MH/HPS. here is the dilema: I have a 6in cool tube that I am hoping to use. i am wondering whether I should mount it vertical and go...
  7. G

    First Timer - Hoping for Big Things to Happen - 400 HPS White Rhino

    Hello, This is my first grow and my girls are 2 weeks old as of today. I was given some feminized white rhino seeds from a friend. Here is what I am using: 400 watt HPS light 2x4x5 grow tent inline 4" air blower digital tempature and humidity gage metromix professional growers soil...
  8. DankyKush1

    DankyKush Aurora Indica 400 Watt HPS - Daily Updates - Advice Wanted

    Strain: Aurora Indica Ive got 3 Auroras in flowering 2 Aurora seedlings Also 7 Aurora clones rooting, 3/6 have rooted Plant 1 has been topped at the main stem and on 2 branches, and LST Plant 2 has been stressed into a circle Plant 3 has been topped and lollipoped...
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