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  1. Laank Dank

    Abandoned First 5x5 Grow

    HIGH my felloW grower and readers this is my first go at what will be mt first tent grow. My inventory and equimet is pretty much standard and advise and leadership is always welcome.I believe one can never know enough. EQUIPMENT. Tent 150x150x200 Lights 1 x 400w MH / 2 X 400W HPS...
  2. D

    Abandoned DelaCroix's Canna - LST - Blueberry 400W 1st Grow

    Well alright, I'm finally starting my first grow. I'm mostly doing this as cost efficient as I can. I'll be building a 3X4X5cab, I have a donated 400W Hps and am planning on starting with 4 Blueberry clones also donated to my righteous cause. I've never attempted a grow before and have been...
  3. T

    scored some $25 400w HIDs/w ballast. will they work?

    ok so im working on my first indoor grow here and i scored SEVERAL 400W 110V/220V/Multi-tap HID high bay lights for $25.00 each.my question is are these going to work for what i want? thanks in advance for your responses.
  4. W

    Completed Walt's 1st - Tent, 400 Watt HID, Bag Seed

    1st grow. $100.00 oz. Bag-seed - Germinated dozens - 10 cracked -planted 10 around 30 March -6 lived Veg and 1st two weeks of flower under EYE Hortilux 400W MH Bulb Started 12/12 on May 3rd, 2010 Currently under EYE Hortilux 400W HPS Bulb 1 grew balls - funny thing to die for 5 ladies...
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