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400w hps

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    14.2.2020, Flowering day 40, Karribean Mango
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    14.2.2020, Flowering day 40, Karribean Mango
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    14.2.2020, Flowering day 40, Karribean Mango
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    14.2.2020, Flowering day 40, Karribean Mango
  5. JamesOaceO

    Grow #2: Adventures Into Better Genetics, A Nirvana Love Story

    1/1/2019 Happy New Year!!!!! Hey all :ganjamon: It's a new year and new adventures! How about you? What are YOU going to do and accomplish in 2019? Currently I am in my third week of flower on my first grow. You can check it out in my links in my signature. This next grow I will be growing...
  6. Aero808

    Legal 400W HPS Soil Grow 4 Plants

    Hello everyone. I'm a lucky Canadian entering the foray of home Cannabis cultivation. This is the first time I've ever grown anything and I'm hoping to achieve some decent results. I will be growing 4 plants under a 400w hps setup. The strains are as follows: 1 white widow, 1 northern lights...
  7. Pepe Magics

    400W HPS - 2 Site DWC - Coming Up - PurePowerPlant

    Starting my third grow soon. Ill be using 250w CFL for vegetative stage and 400watt hps for flowering in closet room setup with good space for 2 big plants in 60 liters reservoir around 45-50 in use. I made my own custom feeding schedule that uses lower amount of nutrients than recommended...
  8. triggz2k15

    New grower and new here!

    Hi there everyone first time posting hear and first time grower. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas or tips for me. I currently have a 1x1x2m budbox tent, a sol digital 400w digital ballast that can be set to 250w 275w and ovb 400w. Also I got a sol digital dual spectrum 400w bulb that works...
  9. daggamanSA

    First Time DWC Grower - Amnesia Haze - Durban Poison - Vanilla & Lemon Kush - 2016

    Hi Guys. Starting a new journal with a mixed variety. This is a DWC grow. Please feel free to follow, assist, recommend or even just chat if you want to. Would appreciate every last bit of input. Regarding the grow: 2x Amnesia Haze 2 x Durban Poison 2 x Vanilla Kush 2 x Lemon Kush...
  10. thedude420

    First Indoor Grow - Brain OG & Tang Haze

    BRAIN OG & TANG HAZE Tent: 48x24x60 Apollo grow tent Lighting: 400w hps with dimmable ballast Exhaust: 6" 435cfm inline fan with 6"x12" carbon filter Air circulation: Small double rotating fan with 4 speeds Germinated in Fox Farm light warrior/seedling pots Nutes: Fox Farm Grow Big & Big Bloom...
  11. V

    Velo's - 400W - Hydro - Semi-Ghetto - Silver Haze (Flowering Phase)

    Hello ladies and gentleman, Please allow me to thank you for stopping by my humble thread. This is now my third grow and let me tell you : growing pot is the next best thing to smoking pot. :Namaste: What strain is it? Silver Haze Has been in Flowering for 2 days Finished Veg after 9 weeks...
  12. B

    400W HPS - Granddaddypurple Grow

    This is my newest grow and my first ever online journal Strain= granddaddypurple Veg lights= 75w cfl (only using 50 at the moment) Bud lights= 400w hps It's in a 1/2 gallon pot with normal ace potting soil and it has a 30% perlite mix, also I put about 2 inches of perlite at the bottom of the...
  13. D

    Cooling a 400w hps cool tube, the right way

    Watsup 420 members, i have a bit of an issue i just pikked up a 400w cool tube mh/hps ive only grown with cfls so im fairly new to these lighting systems My question is : wat kind of inline duct fan would keep my 400w cool tube from over heating and burning my plants how many cfm's to cool...
  14. mojo89

    Is my white Widow and Black Diesel ready to chop?

    please can anyone help me i dont know if these are ready but they been in flower for 9 weeks! iv started to give them ice water
  15. mojo89

    Urgent! White Widow and Black Diesel ready?

    please let me know if these are ready to harvest , i starting to give them ice water. changed to 12/12 9 weeks ago
  16. C

    Carterhkrs' First Indoor Soil Grow - Blue Mystic, Northern Lights - 2013

    Hey everyone! Growing: 1 Blue Mystic (seedling stage) 3 Northern Lights (1 just sprouted, 1 in soil waiting on her to break grounds, 1 is still germinating, gonna put it in soil tomorrow) Set up: walk-in closet (bad idea - already realized, temp is a big concern, but decided to struggle...
  17. Lurch Farmer

    10x10 RDWC

    Hello all, the important stuff: stealth is a must mainly the smell must not escape seeds are random good bag seed 10x10x8 roominside an 11x15x8room) in the back of my trailer (that just happens to sit dead center of t-park) will be split in to 3-4 ,3x3 spaces, 1 3x3x4 veg,3x3 mother cab...
  18. SavorDank

    400W HPS 5x2 Closet

    First grow journal. First personal grow although i'm somewhat knowledgeable. I now have 4 plants. 2 are from random seeds (name it "big green") and 2 are Purple Kush clones i got from a dispensary. Using Fox Farms Ocean forest soil. I veg. them for 37 days under 400w MH with Fox Farms...
  19. HolySpicoli

    Help! Been flowering 10 weeks!

    I have posted for help on another thread, but noone has responded yet, decided to try a new post in the correct forum. I am at day 70 of flower, and most of my trichs still appear to be crystal clear. The few cloudy ones have been cloudy for two weeks. I stopped the nutes for about a week...
  20. Showtime

    600 and 400W lighting setup

    I have a 400w and a 600w hps that ill be using in an aprox 10x10 room for flower. What would be the best setup/arrangment for these lights so all the plants get the best even coverage?
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