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400w mars

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    1st Grow: White Widow Auto, 2x2x4 Tent, 400w Mars2, 4" Intake With Carbon Filter

    Hi all starting first grow as soon as seeds arrive. White widow auto flower (crop king) should be first to arrive. Could also end up getting light of yah and ganga dwarf. (amsterdamn seed company) Depends on which bank is faster. I am using a 2x2x4 tent with a 400w mars 2 led light. the intake...
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    Plants left on thier own for 1 weeks Holidays

    As the title states, my plants were left for 1 week on their own and doing fine on my return after exactly 1 week, 4 hours and 19 minutes. Seeds - x3 autoflowers, 2 purple berry strains and 1 free seed from herbies Soil - Canna Pro (lighter mix) Pots - x3 10L plastic pots with extra holes...
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    trying to find icemud

    Greetings folks, setting up a micro Mars II led grow and trying to find any of icemuds diaries I found his vids on you tube, any help appreciated till I get used to navigation around theses parts.
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    DutchHazeDog's Reserva Privada OG #18 - 6.5L Pots- 400W Mars 2 LED - 185W True Useage

    Hey 420mag! This mini-grow is mainly to 'preview' what the buds of a bigger grow (using the same genetics) will look like at harvest. Its my first time with LEDs after 18 months of hps. Reason for switch is purely in search for higher quality bud! I recently purchased 3* 400w Mars 2...
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