400w mh hps indoor

  1. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's - Crown Royal - Closet - Soil - Grow

    STRAIN:CROWN ROYALE FEM FLOWERING TIME: 9 Weeks INDICA/SATIVA: 70% Indica EFFECT: Strong Indica THC: Strong 21.50% CBD: 2.10% CBN: 0.17% COUNTRY: Canada POTENTIAL YIELD: up to 500gr indoor/400gr outdoor GENETICS: Blueberry X Purple Kush STAGE: 3 Weeks into veg / indoor SOIL: Canadian...
  2. G

    Real Grand Daddy Purp From Seed

    Hello gang! Since my other grow is hanging out at the moment I figured I would start the next journal. So my last grow was Royal Haze which was Sativa dominant I figured that I wanted to try my Grand Daddy Purp. So here are the specifics: What strain is it? Grand Daddy Purp Is it Indica...
  3. D

    Super skunk lst 400w mh/hps

    hello everybody !!! i have 2 super skunk fem from nirvana n a 10 gallon bubbler plants r 23 days n to veg 1 10 " airstone 1 12" airstone and yes im using the feeder tubes .... they work!!! flora nova grow and bloom 400 w digital ballast sunlight aircooled reflctor 2 6"...