400watt hps

  1. GROWant

    GROWant OSRAM LED Grow Lights #2 - G5-HiPAR Series 400 Watts

    Greeting All Members, Several days ago, sponsor GROWant introduced profile and presented No.3 Generation Products - G3HiPAR Series LED Grow Light Here, thread: New Sponsor - GROWant - & Fellow Cannabis Enthusiast & Product Presentation Episode #1. In this episode 2, we are going to introduce...
  2. B

    Abandoned G13 Labs Blueberry Gum 5 Pack - 1 x Barneys Farm G13 Haze - 8 x Assorted Freebies

    G13 Labs Blueberry Gum 5 Pack plus 1 x Barneys Farm G13 Haze plus 8 x assorted Freebies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah ! That's right ! I'm back already. Like a zombie needs brains, I needs to GROW !!!!!! This time I'm better...
  3. H

    Abandoned Return Of The Lost Journal

    So first off i started a journal in october and abandoned it due to i had alot of things come up in my life and that cab has since been thrown out. RIP cfl cab. but on the other hand i decided to get serious and attempt a legit grow. i started by buying a 2x4x5ft tent figured i had 8 square...
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