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    My thc bomb best one . Day 35 veg I think . Coco.
  2. bakesale

    Not sure why this is happening

    Hi all, I planted this seedling in a few weeks ago and i haven't seen much progress and a more alarming problem is that the leave are dying and i have no clue why. Iv not fed it nutes yet just watered it evey few days and let it be. I was concerned that it was because my leds where too low and...
  3. chronicgrower

    LEGALIZATION AWARENESS - It's Happening Now in Congress

    :bravo::goodjob::cheer2: Representative Barney Frank from MA has presented a bill in the House of Reps to legalize or at least decriminalize, on the federal level, the recreational use of marijuana by adults. It's something we all want and now is a good time to show your support. The initiative...
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