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    My grow
  3. Hey man... am I growing ok?

    Hey man... am I growing ok?

    The old and the young. 1 week old cherry blossom CBD
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    My first grow
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    Morning Light Dinafem Critical + clone
  6. This girl I love starting to flower

    This girl I love starting to flower

    5-6 blueberry kush trying to grow but kinda skinny I think help with suggestions I’m proud to get this far with them alive a proud mama lol
  7. 4

    First time grower skinny girls but mama is proud so far

    I believe this a blueberry kush the seeds got mixed up if not I haven’t a clue might be animal cookie ,lemon , Pineapple Express , Rp OG kush , sugar skull but the blueberry weren’t so fragile and sensitive and took off so I feel that’s what it is ? My first grow that stayed alive so far I’m...
  8. 4

    New first time grower posting just cause they are alive that’s a big hurdle I jumped

    Proud they made it need direction and tips but entering my pics of my 4-5 week scrawny girls just cause they are green and alive I have hope like a first time mother feeding and nourishing a lot of work any tips appreciated
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    Big bomb- bomb seeds week two flower or day 14 of 80 days they say
  10. S

    My plant

    either fruit puch or critical super silver haze:thumb:
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