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    420mag represent
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    Fun with the harvest
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    Here is where I got info for curing
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    OGC - emerald triangle week three flowering . Best aroma I have smelled off a plant in two years
  5. Troy01

    Tutorial On Uploading Pictures From IPhone

    I know a number of people are struggling on uploading pictures to 420Magazine from their cell phones while the Application is currently down. I put together a tutorial on how to upload your pictures quickly and painlessly using Chrome (recommended by 420Magazine). First Open Chrome and logon...
  6. hortishorti

    Hello & thank you 420magazine!

    Hi my name is Hortishorti, I am a former heroin addict clean since April 12th, 2015 thanks to Medical Cannabis.. I have spent so much time here wondering if I would ever be capable of producing my own medicine, and after great deliberation, decided to dive in. Thank you all!
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    Hi 420magazine, Hey wasup??